Out mission is to promote better health and lower costs through preventive medicine. Our vision is to make the world a healthier place.

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U.S. Preventive Medicine Corporate BrochureTreating The sick is killing America. Prevention for everyone is just good business.
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Many Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills. Workers can’t afford high premiums for health insurance. Employers are cutting back or eliminating health benefits. State and federal governments are straining to meet the expanding costs of public programs. Health care costs are rising significantly faster than the overall economy.

For a long time it has been obvious to every individual and organization paying the tab for escalating medical bills that the current way of doing things – focusing on sickness instead of maintaining good health – isn’t working.

Prevention Starts Here
At U.S. Preventive Medicine we do one thing…and we do it very well. Prevention.

U.S. Preventive Medicine has developed a suite of prevention, early detection and chronic condition management products and services that improve health outcomes while reducing health care costs. Every person at our company is working relentlessly to deliver the "ultimate prevention experience" to more people so we can one day give everyone more good years.

The Prevention Plan
A groundbreaking program that enables individuals to determine their top health risks and receive a customized plan and coaching from nurses to lower those risks and become healthier.

The Prevention Plan CM
The Prevention Plan CM brings intensive disease management resources to individuals with costly chronic conditions. By understanding the barriers that impede better health and working closely with each person and his/her health care providers —either telephonically or in the home and workplace—Prevention Plan RNs work to limit the progression of an existing condition and detect other potential issues before they cause harm.

The Global Prevention Network
The only international network of preferred providers to offer preventive and executive health programs, with follow-up care, to The Prevention Plan members.

U.S. Prevention Network
Now expanding across the country in partnership with leading regional health care providers, the U.S. Prevention Network provides The Prevention Plan members with a medical home for state-of-the-art preventive services and follow-up care, as indicated by their personal prevention plan..