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 The Prevention Plan™ is a groundbreaking health management program that motivates individuals to make decisions that are good for them and good for their employers’ budget.
The Plan identifies an individual’s current and future health risks through a detailed health risk assessment, extensive lab work and biometric measurements. Based on these findings, the Member receives a personalized Prevention Plan, along with access to numerous online tools and ongoing support and coaching from a dedicated RN Advocate.

By focusing on three key dimensions – assessment, intervention and rewards – The Prevention Plan motivates Members to make lasting behavior changes that lower their health risks and make them healthier, happier and more productive employees.

Validate and Reward Progress
In addition to high levels of employee engagement the Prevention ScoreSM, allows employers, for the first time, to measure and reward employees’ ongoing wellness efforts.

Results. Guaranteed
Our ROI calculator takes into consideration a wealth of information to provide an in-depth, customized and accurate estimation of the overall health care savings The Prevention Plan will deliver to your organization.

By understanding your population better – through claims, health risk assessment findings and other data such as management support, incentives and average salary – we can project the savings you can earn in three key areas:
  1. Increased self care and averted health care visits
  2. Increased health literacy and health decision support
  3. Healthier lifestyle actions and contained medical costs